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Massage Therapists


 I graduated from  Northwestern Health Sciences, with an associate degree in Massage Therapy. Specializing in prenatal massage, oncology massage, and working with special populations, I provide tailored care to diverse clients. Before my journey as a massage therapist, I endured a stressful desk job. Seeking relief from muscle aches and tension, I discovered the benefits of massage therapy and decided to pursue it further. Alongside my practice, I enjoy party and vacation planning, finding joy in bringing happiness to others. To unwind, I love watching TV shows with my husband. My favorite areas to work on are the neck and shoulders, where many people hold stress and tension. I also take pleasure in performing body wraps to enhance the therapeutic experience. Above all, I find inspiration in the positive impact I have on my clients' lives. Witnessing their transformation, whether through pain relief, deep relaxation, or improved well-being, reaffirms the meaningful work I do. This drives my dedication to providing exceptional care and continuously growing as a massage therapist.


As a massage therapist, I bring a wealth of experience and education in therapeutic massage. With training from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School and Clinic, as well as Northwestern Health Sciences University, I am well-versed in the art of healing touch.

My journey began working in a detox unit, where I witnessed the remarkable power of massage in easing withdrawal symptoms. This inspired me to pursue a career in massage therapy, a natural fit that allows me to combine my passion for holistic healing with my skill in providing therapeutic touch.

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, learning new skills like boat driving, and finding inspiration in art.

The art in motion inspires me the most. To me, massage is an art. Let me guide you on your path to relaxation and wellness through the transformative power of massage.

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