My favorite thing about being a stylist is making people look and feel their best. My passions are beauty and hair. I eat sleep breathe hair!

I’m also very passionate about being a mother to my daughter. Outside of work I like spending quality time with my daughter and boyfriend. I like going to visit my mom, going shopping and grabbing coffee with her.

When you sit in my chair I want you to feel beautiful and to feel good about yourself. I want you to have an all around great experience while you are with me.

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I have always loved every aspect of being in a salon- from being greeted at the front of the house, to the execution of service. I love the ever-growing industry.


I am always inspired by YOU, the guest sitting in my chair. 

I love when I get to collaborate ideas to customize that specific look you long and desire for. I thrive off the positive energy of someone feeling like themselves again.


I’m here to listen to you! We are a team, client, stylist, and salon, and we are on your hair journey together.