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Hot Stones Massage

Whether you are looking for relaxation or deep tissue work, our massages are designed to meet your individual needs.  Each massage comes with the option of a complimentary aromatherapy enhancement.  All our service providers are very talented and promise to deliver an outstanding guest experience each time you visit.  All service pricing listed is starting price and does vary based on individual service provider.

Bella Signature Massage
45 Minute            $49+
60 Minute            $82+
90 Minute            $112+

A light to medium pressure massage that promotes relaxation, soothes and revitalizes by increasing circulation and reducing tension. This style of massage is great for stress-related conditions and chronic pain. Many first-time massage clients select Swedish Massage.

Bella Deep Tissue Massage
60 Minute            $119+
90 Minute            $147+

A medium to deep pressure massage to relieve pain and restore tissue to a healthy state. This technique focuses on the deepest layer of muscles and releases chronic muscle tension. Administered as a full body or localized area treatment depending on client need. Recommended for chronic pain or injury. Excellent before or after workout.

Bella Pregnancy Massage
60 Minutes               $82+


A full body massage with light to moderate pressure. This nurturing massage for expectant mothers alleviates many of the physical and emotional pregnancy-induced challenges. Expectant mothers lie safely and comfortably as muscle aches, fatigue and water retention are eased. Please be advised to schedule prenatal massage services after 1st trimester. Our massage rooms are equipped with special equipment that create a space for your growing belly and allow you to lay face down comfortably and safely during your massage. Postnatal massage is meant to help the mom recover quickly from pregnancy and labor to their pre-pregnancy state.

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